What are the benefits of joining SCI?
Many. Foremost are the educational programs held at our annual meeting. In addition to the presentation of law review quality papers by nationally known experts, programs typically offer more informal roundtable-type discussions with considerable opportunity for participation by those in attendance. SCI also prides itself on the promotion of long-term rapport and relationship-building among the membership. Finally, we hold our meetings in settings that offer both personal and family recreational opportunities to accompany the formal learning experience. You almost certainly already know one of our members. Call him or her and ask this question. Our best endorsements come from our existing members.


How much will joining SCI cost me?
Annual dues for company representatives are seventy-five dollars. Private attorney and consultant members pay a higher annual fee.


How is SCI different from other industry organizations I could join?
SCI has never striven to be the biggest organization of its kind. Nor does it detract from the accomplishments of larger sister groups, who meet different industry needs. However, SCI does try to be the best it can be within its stated goals and objectives. In a smaller and more selective setting, SCI can simply pay greater attention to the individual and offer the member more opportunity to actually participate in the activities and events that are our lifeblood. We are and have been here for the long term and look for members that share this type of commitment.


I get a lot of educational material in the mail and electronically. Will SCI just be repetitive?
No. A tremendous amount of effort each year goes into selecting program topics that are current, fresh and meaningful. Likewise, our newsletter does not attempt to be all things to all people, but instead provides in-depth focus to a limited number of topics. Here, too, membership involvement and input is key.


Is SCI doing anything to hold down the cost of program attendance?
Yes, a lot. SCI leadership is very aware of the economic times in which we all live. It is committed to the premise that company support will continue if and only if the cost of program attendance is justified through the learning experience. On the cost side of the ledger, every effort is made in facility selection to keep as low as feasible the cost of attendance, travel considerations included.


What percentage of the membership is company people?
Approximately one-third of our members are from insurance companies, including reinsurers. This has generally run true throughout the life of SCI and is expected to continue.


How many companies send representatives to SCI meetings?
Company attendance at annual meetings has averaged 52 people per meeting over the past five years. Currently, 62 insurers and reinsurers are on our membership roster. The President of the Surety & Fidelity Association of America also sits on our Board of Directors.


Does SCI do anything to foster participation by women and minorities?
SCI actively fosters participation by women and minorities. This is readily seen not only in our membership, but also in our leadership.


If I wanted to become really active in SCI, would I have to be a member for several years?
Definitely not. SCI actively discourages any type of “old guard” mentality and constantly strives for renewal through the participation of its more recently admitted members. Again, a glance at our leadership list and roster of those involved in committee participation will instantly show this to be so.


I’m interested in the family aspect of the annual meeting. How will attendance be something my family can benefit from?
Since the days of our earliest programs, SCI has believed that a valuable educational experience for the member could be coupled with recreational opportunities for his/her family. We have accomplished this goal through careful site selection, such as Williamsburg, Hershey, Cape Cod and the Adirondacks. A significant percentage of our membership makes SCI attendance a family event. In fact, there are even children of our members now in or entering college who have grown up together at SCI functions. Please refer to the “Past Events” section of this web site.


What are the long term plans for SCI?
A diamond is hard to improve upon. Having said this, all of us at SCI appreciate that the challenges of our industry grow larger, not smaller. The Fidelity and Surety field is vastly different than it was five or ten years ago and will be more so five and ten years from now. Meeting the demands of the future will be a difficult thing to do standing alone. Membership in SCI, we believe, provides a unique opportunity to shoulder these challenges together.